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five star amazon reviews for The Handfasted Wife

The Handfasted Wife 3 Dec 2013
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Intended to be the first of a trilogy this is the story of Edith who was married to Harold Godwineson the last Saxon King of England who was killed at the Battle of Hastings. They were married according to a Danish, non Christian, rite and though the relationship was a happy one and they had several children after Harold became King in the early part of 1066 he married another lady in a Christian ceremony. This is a superb historical novel telling the story of Edith and her family in the months before the Battle of Hastings and the years afterwards. It really brings the period to life. Very highly recommended.

An excellent well researched read, 13 Feb 2014
I found Carol Mcgrath's book about Edith Swanneck (Elditha), the handfasted wife of King Harold, absolutely fascinating. The author has obviously done a lot of research which gives the book an authentic feel of the period immediately before and after the Norman Conquest. Some of her characters ranging from noblewomen and men, merchants, commoners and the clergy are based on actual people while others are made up but they are all believable. Her descriptions of the countryside and customs draw the reader into that tumultuous time as we follow Elditha's escape across England to Ireland and back to Exeter where she, along with her mother-in-law Gytha, attempt to withstand the seige. The five pages of author's notes at the end of the book are helpful and indicate the scholarship involved in this immensely readable historical novel. I look forward to the sequel.

A compulsive read., 24 Jan 2014
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I knew very little about Edith Swanneck and had always believed that she was Harold's mistress. It was she who identified his body after the Battle of Hastings. It would appear that she and Harold were married but not with the blessing of the church. This enabled Harold to marry another when he became king. They had children together whose lives were endangered by the coming of the Normans. I found it an engaging book and I wanted to keep reading.

A wonderful mix of historical fact and imagination, 1 Jan 2014
Kathy Pemberton "Kathy P" (Buntingford Herts) - See all my reviews
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This novel is a marvellous mixture of historical fact and imagination. It is well researched and has masses of fascinating details about medieval daily life; manners, diet and costume combined with the history of the period. I would rate it even higher than such masters of the genre as Philippa Gregory. There is a wonderful cast of characters, some real and some invented.

I would heartily recommend this delightful novel. I couldn't put it down. She has cleverly blended fact and fiction and created a wonderfully vivid picture of medieval life.

a good page turner, 12 Feb 2014
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I'm a big phillipa gregory fan but I think carol mcgrath is a close second. I loved this book, a fantastic story.

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