Tuesday, 24 February 2015

A Lovely Story-Is Fact Stranger than Fiction?

Format:Kindle Edition
Another stunner from Ms McGrath takes us further in the story of the family of King Harold after he fell at the Battle of Hastings. This time we follow the life of his daughter, Gunnhild, which seems to belong to the realms of Hollywood sensationalism but is actually entirely true. Avoiding spoilers, we are taken from England to Brittany and back again, meeting new characters, some of whom are warm and friendly, others not so, yet all are perfectly rounded and believable.

What Ms McGrath excels at is bringing you into a Medieval household and making it feel as real and vital as one's own. The detail is extraordinary and vivid and so recognisable - people were no different to us, they still ate, drank and coveted clothes and sparkly things. Gunnhild's near obsession with a gown belonging to her aunt is touching and so very human, taking her from childhood to womanhood.

This novel can be read as a stand alone story and works well as such, but to fully appreciate the impact of the events that over-take the characters one really should read 'The Handfasted Wife' first. And why wouldn't you? It is just as brilliant as this novel.

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